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A cracked or leaking roof can quickly turn into a disaster for any industrial building.  Serious issues such as damage to machinery, health and safety issues, and other expensive damages can quickly bring a stop to the operations and productivity.  Preventative Maintenance can help keep these unexpected issues from occurring. 

Looking after a building’s roofing materials and guttering can prolong its lifespan and save you money in the long term. London Platforms Roofing can look after all your roofing related issues and apply timely maintenance.

What can London Platforms Roofing do for you?

  • We carry out Planned Preventative Maintenance that helps you prevent large capital costs.
  • Our expert team of maintenance staff can perfectly carry out roofing installations, general roof maintenance and repair services from chimney re-pointing to replacement tiles and leaky flat roofs.
  • Whatever your roof, roofline or fittings we can provide a complete maintenance and care service. 
  • We make sure your commercial flat roofs stay watertight.
  • Our roof checks and surveys are done from our Cherry Picker include every element of the roof including the guttering that can easily clog up with leaves and moss, the flashings that join it to the building, and evidence of damp patches or leaks within the attic.
  • We use our roof access equipment such as Mobile Elevated Work Platforms/Cherry Pickers to safely work at height and use Scaffoldings where elevated work platforms can’t be easily reached.
  • We can provide every kind of repair you could require from guttering, lead flashings, slates, and tiles to roofing membranes and chimney stacks. 
  • We work complying closely with UK health and safety regulations and using the very best materials and products.
  • We ensure your roof stays watertight with professional quality repairs.

No matter what your requirements for roofing maintenance or repairs put it in the hands of the specialists at London Platforms Roofing.

Contact us today, so that let us arrange for a pre-estimate in writing with one of our friendly team.

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