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    Chimney Pointing Repair

    In order for your chimney stack to remain in good condition, it needs to be waterproofed and when its pointing has deteriorated, its waterproof protection becomes compromised. When this happens, water and damp can get inside, which can lead to much more substantial work needing to be carried out, such as a fully chimney stack rebuild.

    At London Platforms Roofing, we can get any chimney issues sorted out fast thanks to having our own mobile access fleet and that includes chimney repointing. Even when the chimney in questions is 5,6 or 7 storeys up, we can gain access quicker than our competitors and get your problem solved, allowing you to get on with your day.

    Susceptible to the British Weather

    The British weather can be very unforgiving and your chimney stack is what bears a lot of the brunt. High winds, heat and frost all take their toll on your chimney, particularly as there is heat coming from the fire inside too. This ‘freeze and thaw’ pattern can compromise your chimney’s pointing over time and getting any issues sorted out sooner, rather than later, will certainly save you money.

    Signs that your chimney pointing needs replacing include:

    • Water staining on your ceiling
    • Discolouration on your chimney breast
    • Dampness anywhere in the home
    • Cracks in your chimney pot or mortar outside
    • Your chimney stack is leaning (not vertical)

    In addition to this, repointing your chimney is a great way to modernise the look of your property, as well as improving the efficiency of the fires you create inside. This is without even mentioning the peace of mind you get from knowing that your chimney is safe and unlikely to collapse on you.

    Call the Chimney Pointing Experts Today

    As you can see, the ramifications of old or deteriorated chimney pointing to your safety and the structure of your home are quite significant. So, if you need help from a roof and chimney repair company with a proven record, call the London Platforms Roofing team today and we’ll get everything sorted for you at the best possible price.

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