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    Lead Works

    Professional Lead Work London

    Lead is a material that’s been used for waterproofing on buildings for hundreds of years, which is why it can still be seen on many historic buildings like museums and churches. That’s because it’s an extremely durable building material and it’s perfect for shaping and cutting by hand. It’s versatile too, as it can be used for flashing, run out valleys, junction sealing or even box gutters.

    The London Platforms Roofing team is fully-trained lead work and everything they do is fully adherent to the guidelines laid down by the Lead Development Association. Whilst it is a really useful material, it does require expert care when repairs are needed, so choosing the right firm is really important.

    A Comprehensive Range of Lead Works
    Regardless of what your lead-roof needs are, we have both the expertise and experience to help you – even if your roof is 30 metres up, we can reach the area with our mobile access fleet. So, whether you need maintenance, replacement or repair, we’ve got you covered. Our full range of lead roofing services include:
    • Installations and replacement works for all lead roofs
    • Patch repairs
    • Cladding, lead sheets and flashings
    • Chimney flashing installation or replacement
    • Flat roof maintenance and repair
    • Lead slate replacement
    All work carried out by the London Platforms Roofing team is fully guaranteed and we’ll always look for the most cost effective solution.
    Call The Lead Roofing Experts Today

    When your building’s lead works become damaged, the waterproof integrity of your home or office building can become compromised. In this instance you need a lead works company that you can trust and you can rest assured that our team will perform your repair in the most cost effective way possible and we’ll even do a full roof survey while we’re up there!

    Having our own mobile access fleet means that we can conduct our work quicker than any other roofing company in London – meaning less stress and cost for you

    We can also get to the roofs that others can’t, so give us a call today on 020 8342 0795 and let us take care of everything for you.