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    Chimney Maintenance & Repairs

    Expert Chimney Repairs and Maintenance London

    For an ageing roof, a chimney often represents a real problem with regards to safety. If not properly maintained, a chimney can quite literally collapse, meaning major damage to your roof and potential harm coming to anyone underneath. It really doesn’t pay to take chances in this scenario, so if that’s where you find yourself, you should talk to the London Platforms Roofing team today.

    All Types of Chimney Repair Carried Out

    When you call our highly-experienced chimney maintenance and repair team, you are in extremely good hands as we have the expertise to assist with whatever the job calls for. Whether talking about re-pointing, re-flaunching, re-leading, re-flashing your chimney or even carrying out a completely rebuilt chimney, we can help.

    What Makes London Platforms Roofing Different?

    Look online and you’ll find quite a few chimney repair specialists in London, so what is it that makes us different from the rest? Well, what we offer than no one else in the capital is an unmatched speed of operation that’s made possible by our own mobile access fleet.

    The chimney repair and maintenance work we carry out includes:

    • Chimney Repairs
    • Chimney Repointing
    • Chimney Rebuilds
    • LED Flashing work
    • LED Flashing work
    • Installation of vents
    • Chimney Pot Installation
    • Bird Proofing
    • Chimney Surveys

    Providing quick and easy access to roofs as high as 30m, our mobile access fleet allows us to survey your chimney quickly and get the repair done fast. Not only does this make your final bill lower – due to us spending less time at your property – but it also means a less stressful time of things for you, the customer.

    Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

    In addition to this, the London Platforms Roofing team is fully dedicated to customer satisfaction on every job it’s involved with. We’ll always do our utmost to be punctual, courteous and respectful of our clients’ needs, with complete transparency of the work being provided at all times.

    To discuss your needs with us or arrange a pre-estimate in writing, call us on 020 8342 0795 and our friendly team will do everything they can to help.