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    Valley Gutter Repairs

    If you have valley gutters on your property and they are blocked or in need of repair, getting them sorted out really is a matter of urgency. Wait too long to get them returned to working order and you risk major damage being caused by the water that’s not being channelled away. Leaks, damp and unwanted water pooling are just some of the signs to look out for.

    At London Platforms Roofing, we have been in the roofing and gutter repair industry for many years and this experience has led us to being able deal with every type of guttering there is. Our familiarity, expertise and the fact that we’re experienced in all types of leadwork mean that we’re the ideal valley gutter repair company to help you.

    Reasons Why Your Valley Gutters May Become Damaged

    Essentially, valley gutters differ from standard types in that they are drainage channels that tend to be constructed from wood and made waterproof with the addition of a layer of lead. They carry a significant amount of water away from your building and apart from becoming blocked with debris, there are a number of reasons why they can become damaged:

    • Weakened areas of your valley guttering can become punctured by someone walking on it or having something heavy placed on it
    • Poor installation can lead to frequent leaks, illustrating why employing a reputable installation company is important
    • Adjacent building works can impact your valley guttering and lead to a leak
    • Problems with adjacent guttering can lead to excessive water passing through your valley guttering

    Whatever the reason behind your valley guttering issues, the need to act quickly is most probably already apparent to you. However, if you’re lucky and the waterproofing on your roof hasn’t yet become compromised, we recommend getting in touch with a professional urgently.

    Call the Valley Gutter Repair Experts Today

    So, if you are looking for a valley gutter repair company that you can trust to do a job that will last the test of time and stand up to the worst elements of the British weather, call London Platforms Roofing today and we’ll show you why we’re considered to be the best roof and gutter repair firm in London.

    Call our friendly team today on 020 8342 0795 and let us show you why we’re considered London’s number 1 roofing company.