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    High Level Building Maintenance

    When a property is more than the traditional 2 storeys high, maintenance work can be made a little difficult in terms of access. However, it’s not something that you can ignore, as routine maintenance is how minor issues are picked up before they become bigger problems.

    There are many different tasks involved in keeping high level buildings maintained, from overall cleanliness to weatherproofing, which is why having a suitable maintenance plan in place is vital. With the correct planning, a safe and well-kept building is the norm.

    A Mobile Access of Our Own

    We’re unlike any other roofing company in the Capital at London Platforms Roofing, as we have a mobile access fleet at our disposal. This means that when you call us out for a high level building problem, we are able to access the area fast, without the need for scaffolding or ropes.

    Our ability to quickly access roofs that are 30 metres up means that we spend much less time assessing the job and much more time actually fixing the problem. The result of this is less time at your property and a smaller invoice at the end!

    The Complete Spectrum of High Level Building Works

    At London Platforms Roofing, we are highly experienced in all preventative building  maintenance, in addition to being able to react quickly in an emergency. Our extensive expertise allows us to carry out the following works:

    • Issue troubleshooting
    • CCTV Cleaning
    • Emergency repair on exterior and internal building structure
    • Building Wash-down
    • Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiling
    • Bird Proofing
    • Gutter Repairs and Clearance
    • Roof Coatings (Sealants and Solar Reflective)
    • GroundWorks (Paving, Kerbs, Drainage, Manhole Covers)
    • Mastic and Sealant Works
    • Roof and Guttering Repairs
    • Painting and Decorating
    • Structural cracks in walls and beams
    • Plumbing including reinstatement of bathrooms and sanitary ware
    • Water seepage from an external wall, window, roof or ceiling

    We offer year-round, 24/7 high level building maintenance support for both commercial and residential customers on a one-off and contract basis.

    A Name You Can Trust

    When you employ London Platforms Roofing for your high level building maintenance, you are assured of workmanship of the highest standard and the minimum time spent doing it. Our mobile access fleet lets us carry out maintenance that would normally take hours, in minutes and we back this with superlative customer service.

    To our customers, we are a one-stop high level building maintenance provider and we have the capacity to carry out work on individual buildings or complete real estates as required. We’re available around the clock too, so no matter what time of day it is, you know where we are.

    The High Level Building Maintenance Experts

    So, if you require reactive or planned high-level building maintenance from a firm that cares about your needs as much as you do, get in touch and we’ll help in any way we can. Our services are scalable to jobs of any size whilst maintaining our standards of workmanship and customer service, meaning that no job is too big or too tall.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Give us a call today on 020 8342 0795 and we’ll talk you through your options. We very much look forward to taking your call.