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    Boundary Gutter Repair

    When your boundary guttering becomes damaged or blocked, it can have serious ramifications for your building’s structure. That’s because, while some see guttering as a peripheral aspect of their roof as a whole, without it, the rainwater that hits your property is simply not channelled away as it should be.

    There are numerous reasons why boundary guttering can become damaged, from weather-related wear and tear to storm damage and when it happens, it’s vital that it’s sorted out quickly. Water has a habit of causing mayhem when it’s not controlled properly and at London Platforms Roofing, we have the expertise and experience to get the issue sorted quickly and with the minimum of stress.

    Symptoms that Your Boundary Guttering is Damaged

    Guttering in general performs an important role for your building by directing rainwater away from your roof into the drainage system. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it’s time to call in the professionals:

    • Damp on Interior walls
    • Water pooling around the base of your building
    • Rainwater streaming down your exterior walls
    • Pooling of water on your roof

    Water seems harmless enough, that is until it gets inside your building and causes havoc. The very structure of your property can become under threat when these kinds of issues aren’t dealt with in good time by a professional. All it takes is one faulty joint or seal to cause major issues, but by keeping your boundary guttering maintained, the likelihood of this happening drops dramatically.

    Call the Boundary Guttering Experts Today

    So, if your boundary gutters have seen better days or they’ve become damaged by high winds, get in touch with the London Platforms Roofing team today. Our mobile access fleet allows us to get the job done fast and when time is of the essence, speed is a great quality to have!

    Get in touch with our friendly team today and we’ll ensure that your boundary guttering is returned to its former glory in the most time and cost-efficient way possible.

    Call our friendly team today on 020 8342 0795 and let us show you why we’re considered London’s number 1 roofing company.