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    Industrial Cladding

    Roofing is an important part of any industrial roofing, as it’s used to create a water-tight layer to keep the rain out. It’s something that comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on the building and it’s vital for the sake of the structure of your premises, that it’s kept in good condition.

    The London Platforms Roofing team has extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of roof cladding to ensure that your roof stays safe, water-tight and secure, so you’re in very good hands. Our commitment to the highest standards of workmanship ensures that the job we do stands the test of time.

    There When You Need Us the Most

    Industrial roof cladding issues tend to arise at the worst possible times, so the repair company you use needs to understand how important it is to achieve a rapid resolution. Our industrial cladding repair team will get the job done quickly, in no small part due to our ability to get into the high, hard-to-reach areas that other firms can’t.

    Our mobile access fleet allows us to inspect, maintain and repair roof cladding up to 30 metres up far quicker than our competitors. We’ll carry out the required repair or replacement works whilst ensuring that any new cladding is of the highest quality and matches the existing materials.

    Call the Industrial Cladding Experts Today

    So, if your industrial roofing has become damaged or you suspect that it is in need of some maintenance, call the industrial cladding experts today. We’re ready and waiting to take all the stress out of the situation and do take care of your issues with the minimum of disruption to your day.

    Call our friendly team today on 020 8342 0795 and let us show you why we’re considered London’s number 1 roofing company.