Gutters, Fascias & Downpipes

The gutters, fascias and downpipes on any property perform a silent, but very important role. Every year in the United Kingdom, it rains for around 156 days, which is an awful lot of water! Without well-maintained gutters, downpipes and fascias, your home wouldn’t be able to channel it harmless away as it should.

At London Platforms Roofing, we have decades of combined experience in gutter, fascia & downpipe repair and maintenance, meaning that we can take care of everything for you. So, whether it’s just a spot of repair work or a complete installation, we can handle it.

Gutter Cleans

Gutter Repairs


UPVC Half Round Gutters and Downpipes

Cast Iron Gutters and Downpipes

Lead Lined Gutters

Valley Gutters

Boundary Gutters

Finlock Concrete Gutters

We know it isn’t just repairing the roof – It’s matching each tile exactly to the original