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    Cut Edge Corrosion Repair

    Corrugated aluminium or steel sheets were once only seen on sheds and barns, but in the modern era it is now used for a wide range of commercial and industrial roofing. Whether talking about hospitals, retail units or warehouses, these corrugated sheets are now commonplace on buildings in the business sphere.

    However, what a surprising number of owners of these buildings don’t fully understand is the threat that’s caused by something known as cut edge corrosion. Without proper treatment, the effect of cut edge corrosion can threaten the entire cladding of your roof, so it’s important to know what it is and to put preventative measures in place to counter it.

    A Problem That 60% of Cladding Suffers With

    Believe it or not, as much 60% of buildings that feature corrugated aluminium or steel cladding suffer from corrosion of this type. Despite being coated in a plastic known as Plastisol during manufacturing, the edges where it is cut are not treated with anything and once exposed to the elements, this quickly turns into corrosion and rust.

    As this corrosion sets in on any of these edges, it can lead to a further spread, because capillary water action can draw the water in and cause more damage. The sun plays its part too, making the sheet’s inner substrate expand and then contract when it cools. All this can then compound and leave you with large parts of your roofing that’s hard, brittle, discoloured and no longer fit for purpose.

    Effective Protection Against Cut Edge Corrosion

    At London Platforms Roofing, we have years of experience in repairing cut edge corrosion and preventing its spread to other areas of your roof. After inspecting the area and providing you with a competitive quote, we’ll set about the job of reinstating the barrier your roof has against the elements.

    We’ll do our very best to save every panel we can, however, it’s often more cost-effective and ultimately necessary to replace the panels. Those that we do save will be thoroughly cleaned and recoated, making your entire roof once again not only look great, but also impervious to the British weather.

    Call the Cut Edge Corrosion Repair Experts Today

    So, if your commercial or industrial building is suffering from cut edge corrosion and you need a company that can deal with the problem quickly, safely and cost-effectively, we recommend giving our roofing specialists a call. Time is of the essence with any roof issue, so the sooner its dealt with the better.

    We very much look forward to taking your call.

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