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    Roof Flashings

    At London Platforms Roofing, our comprehensive roofing services also include the repair and installation of roof flashings, which provide a watertight seal for your roof. When your flashings become damaged, water is able to get into your chimney or higher roof areas.

    The same applies to homes with pitched roofs that feature dormer windows valleys, as flashing around the ‘valleys’ helps to keep water out of your home by sealing up all of the joints. This silent hero ensures that the inside of your home stays dry.

    Flashing - The Only Viable Option

    Some roofers apply a cement fillet when fixing roof joints, however, this is not a viable choice. Even when a bonding agent is added, it can still find a way in – water is very unforgiving that way. Choose this option and within no time, the cement will crack and fall away, allowing major leaks to occur.

    For a long time, the vast majority of flashing have been made of lead sheeting, which is a malleable material that’s easy to work into the required shape with no splitting or cracking. Whilst there are now other, newer flashing materials in existence, we still use lead, as it’s still by far the best and most durable choice.

    Flashing - It’s What Keeps Your Roof Watertight

    We really can’t overplay how important the proper fitting of flashing is, as it’s what makes any roof impervious to the elements. No matter how good your roof looks, without adequate flashing in place, you’re going to get leaks and internal damage as a result…which when left can cost thousands to repair.

    On new build homes, flashing is typically fitted before the tiles, so when flashing needs to be replaced, as many three lines of tiles need to be lifted on either side to enable access. Where chimney stack flashings are concerned, they’re usually made up of two pieces, with the lower piece fitting under the shingles and the top piece installed between the bricks and resealed using mortar.

    So, if you’re in need of any type of flashing installation or repair, talk to the London Platforms Roofing team today and they’ll use their expertise to get the job done quickly and with a minimum of stress.

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