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    Flat Roof Leaks

    If you have a flat roof  and it becomes damaged by a storm or any other means, it’s a matter that will demand your immediate attention. That’s because if repair work isn’t carried out urgently, it can lead to more and more damage. When water gets where it shouldn’t be, it can significantly impact the structural integrity.

    Water can be very unforgiving and when certain areas within the structure of your home start to collect water, it can cause considerable damage. Saturated brickwork can cause internal damp issues and structural timbers can become weakened, so when you get a flat roof with a leak, time really is of the essence.

    Pooling/Ponding on Flat Roof

    The design of some flat roofs means that damage and leaks don’t necessarily have to be caused by something hitting it or from strong winds. That’s because ‘pooling’ a.k.a. ‘ponding’ can occur when the roof doesn’t allow rainwater to drain as it should do.

    The sheer weight of water can place excessive amounts of stress on the seals and joints in your flat roof and over time, this slowly, over time causes the integrity of your roof to weaken and eventually fail. The larger the pooling area, the bigger the issue and when your roof finally leaks, it can become a major issue, fast.

    All Your Flat Roof Repair Needs Met

    Whether your flat roof is covered in asphalt, felt, lead, EPDM, fibreglass or single-ply membranes, our experienced team has the expertise required to get the job done with a minimum of cost and stress. Our trade-accredited specialists also have the use of our mobile access fleet, meaning that they can easily access your flat roof, even if it’s 7 floors up.

    After fully assessing your roof, our team will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective method of repair – even if that means performing something temporary. In severe cases, our aim is to prevent any further damage from occurring before we provide you with a fixed-price quote and take care of any repairs that need doing.

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    So, if you’re in need of an emergency flat roof repair or you’re experiencing significant pooling or symptoms of a damaged flat roof, call our expert team on 020 8342 0795. We’re available 24/7, so even if your flat roof leak occurs in the middle of the night, we’ve got you covered!

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