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    Commercial & Industrial Building Facade Cleaning

    Over time, commercial and industrial properties can become tarnished and dull, particularly when talking about those located in urbanised areas. A building’s facade is essentially the first thing that customers see when entering the building, so it’s important that it looks fresh, clean and professional.

    At London Platforms Roofing, we have extensive experience in building facade cleaning, whether talking about those made from stainless steel, glass, aluminium, stone or wood. What’s more, our mobile access fleet allows us to get the job done quickly, causing the minimum of disruption to your operation.

    Why You Need Building Facade Cleaning

    A variety of things can cause your building facade to become jaded. It could be because of the british weather or indeed as a result of air pollution – a particular issue in built up areas. Without the proper upkeep, your building can end up looking tired in no time and that’s not the professional appearance you want your premises to have.

    We tailor our modern cleaning methods to the type of facade you have and our purpose built vehicles enable us to get in place and commence cleaning in next to no time. The less time the assessment and preparation phase takes, the quicker we’re done and normal business can resume.

    Call the Facade Cleaning Experts Today

    So, if your building’s facade could do with a bit of TLC and you’re looking for a company that can do the job done in the most time-efficient and least disruptive way possible, we recommend giving our friendly experts a call today. They’re ready and waiting to show you just how easy building facade cleaning is when you choose the right company!

    Call our friendly team today on 020 8342 0795 and let us show you why we’re considered London’s number 1 roofing company.