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    Gutter Repair & Maintenance

    Well maintained guttering performs a vital role on any property, as it’s what channels the water away. Now, you may have noticed that it rains rather a lot in the UK, so it’s even more important to ensure that your guttering is in good order. Poorly maintained guttering, however, can have serious ramifications to your property’s structure.

    If your guttering isn’t doing it’s job due to storm damage, wear and tear or blockages, rainwater is no longer channelled away and into the drains. It can end up either going into the soil or running down your external walls. This can lead to a whole host of major issues:

    • A destabilisation of the soil your home sits on and its foundations
    • Water getting under the roof tiles and damaging the roof’s structure
    • Major internal damp being caused
    All Types of Gutter Repair & Maintenance Provided

    With any type of building maintenance, prevention is always better than a cure and this is most certainly the case with your guttering. At London Platforms Roofing, we not only have the expertise to deal with your problem, but we have the tools too, with our mobile access fleet allowing us to also deal with gutter repair and maintenance on multi-storey buildings.

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    So, if your guttering has seen better days and you need a company you can rely on, why not call the London Platforms Roofing team today? Able to deal with iron, uPVC, zinc, copper and lead guttering, our team is dedicated to make the whole process as easy, stress-free and cost-effective as possible.

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