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    Roof Lights

    When you want to improve the light levels and ventilation of your home, roof lights (a.k.a. sky lights) are a great way to achieve it. This option is available for both flat and pitched roofs and for residential and commercial properties and with a good quality roof light in place, the structure is still able to withstand the British weather in the same way it did before.

    So, Why Choose a Roof Light?

    In addition to providing extra fresh air and light, roof lights offer a lot in terms of style and with modern varieties featuring a low profile and all these benefits for a relatively low cost, it’s easy to understand why it’s a popular choice for homeowners across the United Kingdom.

    There are also almost as many different styles as there are styles of home, so there’s always a suitable choice of whatever type of building they’re intended for. What’s more, when you invest in a roof light, you add value to your property with next to no planning permission.

    Let’s have a look at just a few of them…

    Flat glass skylights

    This sleekly designed option is the perfect option for any contemporary property which can feature double glazing to offer enhanced thermal efficiency. These skylights can also be created in bespoke dimensions to fit any setting or purpose.

    Pyramid & Lantern Roof Lights

    Another stylish option are lantern or pyramid roof lights, which in addition to looking great, also let the maximum amount of daylight in. The possibilities with this type of roof glazing are pretty endless and it comes with the same ability to resist the worst the weather can throw at them.

    Polycarbonate Roof domes

    Also offering excellent value for money in terms of what they offer are polycarbonate roof domes that also come with venting, upstand and glazing options. With additional manual and fixed opening design choices, this represents another wonderful enhancement to any property’s roof.

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