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Professional Roof Repairs London

Your roof suffers lots of weather punishments so that you can stay safe. But continuous exposure to these elements including heavy rain, pollutants, hail and snow, frost, storm and strong winds can wear even the most durable roofing materials. It is then you’ll need the help of roofing experts to do the timely repairs.

London Platforms Roofing can perform professional roofing repairs on your cracked, leaky and damaged residential, commercial or industrial roofs.

How can London Platforms Roofing Help you?

  • Our highly skilled team of roofing specialists can quickly and effectively repair any roof in any style, whether it’s felt, slate, tile or flat roofs.
  • Our roofers will carry out a roof survey at first and offer an honest, impartial advice and guidance before providing a competitive quote.
  • We will provide a roofing expert who can work up to your requirements.
  • We can work around your needs if you have special requirements. For instance, in the case of a school that can’t have roofers on site in term time or during school hours.
  • We use the lorry mounted cherry picker to carry out our all our roofing works and comply closely with UK health and safety regulations. Whereas we also use Scaffoldings where elevated work platforms can’t be easily reached.
  • We understand how important it is to have a fully functional roof and so we always ensure that our repairs and replacements are of the highest standard.
  • We ensure that all repairing jobs on your property are done with no disruption to your daily life and the area is left clean after repairs.
  • We carry a wide variety of spare parts so the repairs process is quick and simple.
  • Our long-term relationships with many roofing material manufacturers can be utilised should we need to order a unique part.

Our comprehensive range of repairs services include:

  1. Emergency Repair
  2. Repairs and Patching
  3. Re-Roofing
  4. Replacement of Slates and Tiling

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