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Roof Access Equipment London

Safety is paramount for every project whether commercial or residential. It is very crucial when roofing works are done at heights more than 10 meters. All roof works are dangerous, the risks are substantial however long or short the work is. Many have been killed or suffered serious injuries who only meant to be on the roof for a few minutes 'to have a quick look' or to carry out a smaller repair.

At London Platforms Roofing, we have a wide range of diesel, electric and bi-fuel boom lifts which are designed for various ground conditions. Whatever the challenges you have, we’re sure these elevated work platforms provide the safety enough to work at any heights and at any adverse weather conditions. We also stock a full range of control panels and accessories.

Access Height Vehicles and Platforms Hire

We have a number of different styles of vehicles and platforms:

  • Vehicle and trailer mounted cherry pickers
  • Trailer mounted and road towable access platforms
  • Self-propelled tracked cherry pickers
  • Self-propelled scissor
  • Boom platforms

London Platforms Roofing Access Equipment

  • Boom Lifts: Our boom lifts also known as cherry pickers have a working at height from 10m to 48m including telescopic or articulating action.

At fragile roofing conditions, we also use the following roof access equipment.

  •  Valley-Walk: It is a mobile safety cage for use for one/two people or a light payload and is specifically designed for light maintenance of valley gutters such as inspection, cleaning or resealing. It is lightweight, easily assembled, and adjustable for most roof angles. The cushioned outriggers and safety mesh provide good visibility and safe weight distribution. When not in use the system can be ‘parked’ on a suitable wind-free roof area.
  • Board-Walk: It provides a safer working position for short duration roof maintenance between the eaves and ridge level. BoardWalk is also lightweight and easily portable and spreads the load on support battens making it suitable for fragile roofs. The mesh walkway allows for full visibility and all-weather use. An optional handrail system is also available.

If you are looking for a Safe Roofing work Contractor in the London area, please contact us on 020 8342 0795 so that let us arrange a pre-estimate in writing with one of our friendly team.

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