Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment London

Cut edge corrosion happens when the cut edges of your metal cladding sheets are exposed to the elements of weather such as rain, snow etc. This exposure leads the cut edges of the metal cladding sheets to peel back and deteriorate. If cut edge corrosion is left untreated, it can weaken the building structure and lets the water to enter. Once this starts, the condition of the cladding will deteriorate rapidly to affect the value of the building and increase maintenance and repair costs dramatically.

To ensure your building remains watertight and the metal cladding sheets protected, get the help of some roofing experts. At London Platforms Roofing, we apply an industry leading system, to treat the damage of the metal cladding which is then protected by our 20-year guarantee.

What can London Platforms Roofing do for you?

  • Our trained, experienced and competent team will thoroughly inspect the site to be treated and take an initial survey.  Following it we’ll discuss with you the scope of the works, program any key dates, and consider health and safety issues related to the works. Once the date is set, we are ready to start the work.
  • We begin by power washing the localised area which will help in removing loose coatings and cleans the area prior to the system application.
  • We then hand grind to remove any loose paint and corrosion to create a tight edge which later encapsulated with the cut edge system.
  • Application of a gun-applied mastic to seal the mid-sheet overlaps.
  • Re-coat and Topcoat the cut edges using the industry top rated coating by brush and roller method to the specified thickness.
  • We undertake all the works with utmost care and do it without disruption.
  • We use our lorry mounted cherry picker to work safely at heights and complying closely with UK health and safety regulations.
  • We also use Scaffoldings where elevated work platforms can’t be easily reached.

Is your metal roof suffering from cut edge corrosion? If so can we help?

Contact London Platforms Roofing today on 020 8342 0795 so that let us arrange a Pre-Estimate in Writing with one of our friendly team.

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