Roof Flashing


Roof Flashing is something you need to do it correctly when constructing a new house or altering the exterior of a house. Leaks on your roof can happen due to many natural elements. But if left untreated. These leaks can cause immense damage to the structure of your roof and create moisture and mould problems.

Roof flashing helps to direct the flow of water and reduce the risk of damage. Roof flashing or sealing the leaks is done using materials such as lead, aluminium, silicone and bitumen. You may need an expert help in doing it without fault.

How can London Platforms Roofing Help you?

Our experienced staff will be more than happy to explain the differences in the materials used and more importantly what would best suit your roof and its problem.

We can do Roof Flashing around:

  1. Dormer windows
  2. Rooflights
  3. Vents
  4. Hood Vents
  5. Pipe Vents and
  6. Chimneys
  • We operate strictly on UK Health and Safety policy so you can rest assured that our work is not only being completed to the highest possible standards but also safely and efficiently.
  • We do roof flashing and other roof repairs from our lorry mounted cherry pickers so that the work is done safely without any disruption. Whereas we also use Scaffoldings where elevated work platforms can’t be easily reached.
  • Being members of CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), we can provide a 20-year insurance backed guarantee on any work completed.

Do you want us to do the roof flashings? Give us a call on 020 8342 0795 to arrange a pre-estimate in writing.

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